A Surprise Military Wedding! on the Harry Connick Jr show

At Officiant NYC, we were privileged to be selected to perform a surprise wedding ceremony between an Air Force Captain and his astonished fiancé in honor of Veterans Day!   

watch it here

My time on the Harry Connick Jr show was amazing! I got to set and was met by production- everyone was so professional! There was a feeling of excitement backstage because the bride had no idea that her fiancée and family were there and no clue that she’d be getting married on the show that day! Everyone got prepared and prepped by the producers and then the groom did the big reveal with Harry on the set. Her family came out to surprise her as well and then she was whisked away to a bridal boutique. I watched all of this from backstage and quicker than I expected the bride was ready and we all headed to set! The ceremony was short and sweet, the couple was so nice and clearly head over heels. Harry finished off the segment by singing their first dance and we all got to sit in the audience for the remainder of the episode! It was an experience like I’ve never had before and probably one of the most unique weddings I’ll ever officiate.

— Casey Tucker